Understanding Computer Memory

There are several devices that make a computer work. There’s the hard drive that serves as the computer’s storage device. Then there’s the processor, which is known as the brain of the computer. Needless to say, if you want to fully maximize the use of a computer, you need to buy the best and the most efficient computer components available in the market. Among the important internal devices of the computer apart from the hard drive and the CPU or processor are the computer memory and the motherboard.

Computer memory allows you to store data. Hard drive is a non-volatile storage device, while the computer memory device or the random access memory or RAM allows the computer to store the data temporarily. For instance, the RAM processes any running information on the computer. While the hard drive saves data for future use, the RAM allows data to be accessed as is.

There are several types of RAM or computer memory, and it all depends on your motherboard, since a memory module is not compatible to all types of motherboards available in the market. The oldest and the most generic RAM is the SIMM, or the Single In-Line Memory Module. The Dual In-Line Memory Module, or the DIMM, is supported by many motherboards and is perhaps the cheapest considering its benefits (both Intel and AMD motherboards support the DIMM). The DDR DIMM, or the Double Data Rate Dual In-Line Memory Module is faster than the ordinary DIMM, but not all motherboards support this type of RAM. AMD motherboards often use this type of RAM, although some Pentium motherboards can use it too. Lastly, there’s the RIMM or the Rambus, the fastest and most expensive memory developed for the Intel Pentium 4 motherboards.

Most of the time, the matter of choosing the RAM depends on your motherboard more than anything else. This is because the motherboard has sockets, plugs, or hubs specifically made for specific memory modules. Hence, most DDR DIMM works for AMD while RIMM only works for Pentium.

More than the ability to store date and process it, RAM helps a computer function faster and process data easily and more efficiently. This is why many computer users often upgrade their RAM rather than overhauling the computer completely. Many consider RAM upgrading as some sort of computer upgrade as well, as it directly affects the performance of the computer. Hence, the RAM is one of the more important devices in a computer.

Needless to say, the RAM is something you should not skimp on, although this does not mean you have to spend irrationally. There are many stores and sources out there that offer cheap computer memory. More than the price, you have to consider the function.