Computer Motherboards: The Backbone of the System

Parts of the computer are often tagged with labels according to their function. The brain of the computer, for instance, is the CPU or the processor, since it executes the numerous programs of the computer. The memory of the computer, on the other hand, is the RAM or the random access memory and the hard drive. With this in mind, the backbone of the computer is no other than the motherboard. The components of the computer mentioned here are among the most important parts of the computer, but the others will not function without the motherboard. The motherboard is known by many names—the system board, the logic board, the mainboard—and they all indicate the importance of the motherboard. This is perhaps why motherboards are usually expensive, or at least pricey. Thankfully, there are many sources and stores where one can buy reasonably priced motherboards. These cheap motherboards are only cheap in price but not the quality, needless to say, since the price does not always dictate the quality of a product.

The motherboard, in a manner of speaking, contains the sockets and connections that allow the various components of a computer to be processed. Everything is connected through the motherboard—from the RAM and the memory chips to the power connectors and the clock generators. As with the backbone of a human body, it allows the computer to stand and function.

In any case, as with most components of the computer, one has to consider a number of factors. For instance, one needs to consider the speed of his or her processor, since the motherboard may not be able to handle it. This usually happens with older motherboards. Take note of the maximum speed quote of the processor when choosing a motherboard. Make sure that your motherboard has the sufficient slots you will need for upgrades later on. Experts say that the motherboard determines the case you will buy, while the processor you own will determine the motherboard. At the same time, the RAM should be bought according to the motherboard, since the motherboard does not support all types of memory modules.

Many computer experts warn computer buyers that sub-standard motherboards should be avoided because they are more prone to crashing. The motherboard is very sensitive to a number of things, such as temperature. Heat can damage the motherboard, which is why new motherboards have temperature sensors and controllable fan connectors to regulate the speed of the fan according to the temperature.

The motherboard is an important factor when buying or fixing a computer. But more than buying the more expensive ones, you should invest your time and efforts in finding affordable but efficient ones. Many online sources offer cheap motherboards, but that does not mean that they do not have good quality.